QualiTi White Opal Cabochon Opal Trio Attachment


Suitable for ear piercings (helix/cartilage piercings, tragus piercings etc), nose piercings, lip piercings & more.


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This product does not come with a bar. Would you like to add one? A standard implant grade titanium bar in the requested size will be added to your order.


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QualiTi White Opal Cabochon Opal Trio Attachment

Features three synthetic white opals.

Stones held in place by secure prong setting.

This highly polished implant grade titanium white opal trio from QualiTi Body Jewellery is suitable for a variety of piercings including ear piercings such as helix piercings, tragus piercings and conch piercings (and many more) as well as nostril and lip piercings.

Bar not included.

All 1.2mm attachments screw into 1.2mm QualiTi bars or any 1.2mm standard thread bars.

Please note that some attachments/bars come in a variety of gauges. Be sure to check the attachment and bar you pick are the same gauge and that this gauge is the right size for your piercing.

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