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Anatometal blends science and art to reach a goal of meticulously hand-crafting the best quality and classically designed body piercing jewellery. 
This vision is achieved in every stage of production, from the use of implant grade materials and maintaining precision specifications; through hand polishing and packaging the fine products.
Their commitment to the craft and team of highly motivated and talented staff is what makes Anatometal the most respected body jewellery company on the planet.

I have placed an order with Anatometal for some  of their exquisite 18k gold pieces and some other bits and pieces which is due to arrive in late November. Obviously ordering several pieces of gold does add up, so I've only ordered a small selection of popular items to see if there interest's there. If so I will probably order from Anatometal more regularly.

You can sign up to the waitlist if you'd like to be notified when the product is available or if you'd like to reserve a piece you can either put down a deposit or pay in full. I have generally purchased one of everything in yellow gold and one in white gold so stock will be limited and sold on a first come first served basis. 

If you would like something custom ordered from Anatometal when I next place an order, this can be arranged. Just drop me a message.

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