About Hole Hearted LDN

As both a piercer and consumer I've noticed that it can be really difficult to find high quality body jewellery in the UK. If you're not near a decent studio your best bet is looking online, but most sites in this space are based in America, meaning you have to deal with longer shipping times, possible import costs and other issues that may arise.

Hole Hearted LDN is here to put an end to that.

I believe high quality body jewellery should be standard and I hope to make it more accessible in the UK. 

I stock a selection of jewellery from a handful of reputable manufacturers. Everything is made from biocompatible materials such as implant grade titanium, implant grade steel and 14+ kt solid gold. I do my best to cater to a range of tastes and budgets, with a basic implant grade titanium piece starting from just £5.

About Me

I'm Aysh Banaysh, a professional body piercer and the woman behind Hole Hearted LDN.

Currently, I deal with each and every order, email and social media message so if you reach out it'll be me you're talking to.

I do my best to make sure that each and every customer is more than satisfied with their order and try and add a personal touch to my business. 

Being a body piercer enables me to go a step further than just selling jewellery by allowing me to offer other services such as sterilisation, anodisation and even just plain old advice on jewellery sizes! 

How It All Started

I started Hole Hearted LDN in the summer of 2016 (which was originally called Hungry Unicorn until I found out that was the name of a sex position). I wish I could say I had a great epiphany or reason, but in all honesty I was broke and my partner suggested selling something I knew a lot about. For me, that was body jewellery.

I started getting body piercings at 15 and had learnt a fair bit about them over the years of healing them and dealing with piercing problems. By 2016 I had almost 20 piercings and felt confident that I knew what people would want.  

Long story short, I didn't...

As a teenager I had aspired to become a body piercer and running my own studio, but I had buried that dream very deep. After I started selling online, I dug that dream up and started to follow it. 

Since then it's been a few years I've worked in a couple of different studios and learnt a lot of lessons about piercings, jewellery and business.

I learnt that the hundred of pounds I initially invested in to cute little tragus earrings was a complete waste. There's an abundance of online stores selling cheap and crappy jewellery and it was hard to stand out from the crowd. Anywhere can sell cheap jewellery, but as a piercer I knew this was no good even if I could sell it and I wanted to offer a better alternative. It made no sense to be preaching about jewellery quality and then selling absolute tat. I completely swapped out my stock and started selling high quality body jewellery with both affordable options and fancier pieces. I rebranded to add more of a personal touch and I use my experience as a piercer to help customers choose the jewellery that's right for them.

Since then I've just been continuing to try and build my business and provide the best service I can. Eventually I hope to have my own studio, but for now I'm based in a lovely little aesthetics clinic in Woodford Green, London.