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If you want to get a piercing, or even just discuss a piercing, you can book an appointment with me at Flawless Aesthetics.

Piercing Pricelist

Ear Lobe: 1 for £20, 2 for £35
Nostril: £30
Helix: £30
Tragus: £40
Conch: £40
Daith: £40
Forward Helix: £40

FLAT: £40
Rook: £40
Industrial: £40
Anti-Tragus: £40
Septum: £40
Lip: £40
Nipple: 1 for £40, 2 for £70
Navel: £40


All prices include plain implant grade titanium body jewellery. Other jewellery upgrades are also available.

Piercing Hours

Wednesday: 11am-4:00pm
Thursday: 12pm-7:30pm
Friday: 11am-5:30pm
Saturday: 11am-4:00pm

Bookings ONLY

Flawless Aesthetics
455 High Road
Woodford Green, London


Minimum age: 16
16-18 year olds must have a parent or legal guardian present and both piercee & guardian must have ID. This is for ear lobes, nostril and navel piercings only. All other piercings are 18+ ONLY.

These restrictions are put in place by the local council and not by myself. They are non-negotiable.


"I'm thrilled with all of them"

Aysh pierced my cartilage about six months ago, followed by both my lobes a few weeks ago, and I'm thrilled with all of them – they healed really well and I've had absolutely no problems with them. She was professional but chatty and made me feel really comfortable while having my piercings done, and kept everything really clean. She also ensured I was happy with the positioning of the piercings before she did them, which was important to me.

Sian Elvin

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Aysh to anyone looking for someone they will not be intimidated by and can trust!"

The most professional, imaginative and friendly piercer I have ever encountered! Having had a number of bad experiences before, I put off entering a piercing studio for years. Aysh helped me design and implement a quite adventurous ear project and has inspired and supported me along the way with ideas and healing advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Aysh to anyone looking for someone they will not be intimidated by and can trust! Keep an eye on her Instagram for all her fabulous work and the stunning jewellery collection she sells!

Belinda Ellingham

"Extremely patient, friendly and professional"

I have now been to see Aysh twice and have been extremely happy with the results on both occasions! She is extremely patient, friendly and professional discussing options with you and going through aftercare. She has a great range of jewellery on offer and it is a very clean environment.
Both times I have been in with a couple of friends and she has been very accommodating to all of us!
I’d highly recommend Aysh if anyone is looking for piercings in the area.

Sheridan Stephens

"Aysh was incredibly professional and warm"

I had my ears pieced for the first time two months ago! They look great, Aysh was incredibly professional and warm. I was very nervous and she was very patient! Would give her a 10/10 and thoroughly recommend her services. Thank you Aysh!

Hannah Oldfield

I went to see Aysh for a triple flat ear-piercing, through the whole process from booking to piercing to aftercare she was so calm and I felt like I could really trust her with advice on jewellery, placing etc. She uses good quality jewellery and my piercings are healing so much better than previous ones I've had done with lower grade jewellery - they look amazing too I'd highly recommend Aysh to anyone looking to get pierced.

Lisa Grace Mitton