The New Way To Place A Custom Order

In recent months my various social media inboxes have become more and more active with customers who are essentially after some customer service.

A large part of this has been for custom orders which is great, but in all honesty messengers and DMs are not the place to discuss custom orders.

Placing a custom order involves a few more steps than the average order I receive, and I hope by sharing these steps customers will have a little more understanding of how the process works, what to expect and what it entails on my end.

The Process

The rough process is outlined as followed

1. See, think of or describe something you want

If you see something you want, please provide pictures and as many details (such as brand names) as possible. If you see something on Instagram, please reference the source account if you’re unsure of the jewellery brand.

Please also provide information regarding materials, stone colours and sizing that you desire.

2. Get in touch using the form below or via email (custom [at] holeheartedldn [dot] com) for a quote

This often involves me either looking through huge catalogues or getting in touch with suppliers- please be patient. I’m sure things will get quicker as I go through the process more, but I will never be able to control how fast others respond if that’s what I’m waiting on. Sometimes they take hours, sometimes they take a week.

3. If you want to go ahead, we will finalise details like sizing, colours etc.

4. Pay a deposit. This varies from 50% (for most items) to 100% in some cases.

5. You will be updated when the item is ordered in, as items arrive etc. and the remaining balance will be due before the item is shipped to you.

The issue with this process is that it’s not suited to work over messenger or private messages. These tools lead people to expect near-instant replies when the process of a custom order does not lend itself to that. If I’m busy or unable to get a quote at that time (e.g. if I need them to respond to an email), messages can also get lost and forgotten (I am human, after all).

I want to be able to provide the best customer service for all my customers, but I am only a one woman show. The only feasible way I can do this is to move things more towards email based communication so I can give people’s questions the time and attention they deserve and not forget/miss/struggle to stay on top of things. I know it’s not as convenient and I apologise, but I trust that those who are serious about their enquiries will make the effort.

I hope you understand why I am making this change and I hope the improvement to the service provided is worth it.

For ALL your custom order needs, please click here.