What Is A Custom Order/Backorder?

Custom orders and backorders involve ordering in a piece from a supplier for a particular customer. Often it’s either a customised item or one I do not hold stock of so it is ordered in specially. A minimum of a 50% deposit is required to place a custom order. Sometimes they take hours, sometimes they take a week.

How Does It Work?

The Process

The rough process is outlined as followed

1. See, think of or describe something you want

If you see something you want, please provide pictures and as many details (such as brand names) as possible. If you see something on Instagram, please reference the source account if you’re unsure of the jewellery brand.

Please also provide information regarding materials, stone colours and sizing that you desire.

2. Get in touch using the form below or via email (custom [at] holeheartedldn [dot] com) for a quote

This involves me either looking through huge catalogues or getting in touch with suppliers- please be patient. I’m sure things will get quicker as I go through the process more, but I will never be able to control how fast others respond if that’s what I’m waiting on.

3. If you want to go ahead, we will finalise details like sizing, colours etc.

4. Pay a deposit. This varies from 50% (for most items) to 100% in some cases.

5. You will be updated when the item is ordered in, as items arrive etc. and the remaining balance will be due before the item is shipped to you.

Can I Cancel A Custom Order?

Custom Orders/Backorders cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded, but the credit may be able to be applied to your account depending on what stage of the process your order is at. Please see the refund policy for details.

How Long Will It Take?

Timeframes below are for how long it takes for Hole Hearted LDN to receive custom/backordered items. From then usual delivery times will apply.

QualiTi Backorders:

QualiTi orders typically take 2-4 weeks, however in some cases they may take longer (6-12 weeks). E.g. If QualiTi is out of stock of the item. Please enquire for a better idea of how long the piece you want will take to arrive.

To browse QualiTi’s entire catalogue, please visit their website.

Industrial Strength Backorders:

Industrial Strength orders typically take 6-8 weeks, however in some cases they may take longer (8-12 weeks).

To browse Industrial’s Strength’s catalogue, take a look at their Instagram accounts @IndustrialStrength@IndustrialStrengthUK.

Anatometal Backorders:

Anatometal backorders typically take 4-8 weeks, however in some cases they may take longer (8-12 weeks).

To browse Anatometal’s catalogue, take a look at their Instagram accounts @AnatometalInc @AnatometalUK.

Kaos Softwear Backorders:

Kaos Softwear orders typically take 2-4 weeks.

To browse Kaos Softwear’s catalogue, please visit their website.

If you would like to place a custom order, please use the form below and include as much information as possible.