Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

It started slowly. Just a few weeks ago Coronavirus was a distant worry that felt very far from home, but recently the situation has escalated faster than the Stealth ride at Thorpe Park.

This week I have been watching and waiting. I remained open and served a whopping two customers all week (for context, last week people were panicked but still calm enough that it ended up my busiest week ever).

Part of me wanted to close this earlier week, but feeling like I needed to honour my March Madness deal stopped me. However with the recent government advice and the closure of UK schools, pubs etc. I think the time has come to close the piercing side of my business to encourage people to stay at home.

I feel a social and moral responsibility to stay at home and socially distance myself to do my part to flatten the curve and offering services which encourage others to leave their house unnecessarily doesn’t align with this.

I also think that with a pandemic on the go it makes no sense to put extra strain on the body by making it heal a piercing.

I am in the privileged position where I can afford to close this part of my business temporarily before I am forced to and I feel I must use that (as many can’t). I will still be selling online, but delivery times will be longer as I will only be going in once or twice a week to minimise my exposure (e.g. on TFL). I will likely dispatch orders on Wednesdays and Fridays in order to cause the least disruption to service (I usually on dispatch Wed-Sat anyway). Updated 26/03/2020: I have now brought my stock, autoclave (steriliser) and anodiser home so will be dispatching orders every day or so on a short walk. Signed For & Tracked orders that require Post Office trips will be dispatched twice a week or so to minimise exposure.

Thank you to everyone who took part in my March Madness piercing offer. The deal will be honoured at a later date to anyone who has paid upfront or is already booked in for this month.

Piercings services will be unavailable for the next fortnight when the situation will be reviewed.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions! If anything changes I will keep you all updated.

Take care of yourself (emotionally and physically) 🙌🏾

P.S. I don’t expect many orders during these uncertain times, but for anyone who does or has placed an order during all of this please know that a small business owner out there is really really grateful 🖤