How To Clean Your New Piercing


Sterile Saline Solution I primarily recommend buying sterile saline solution (and not only because I sell it) over making a sea salt and water mix as when you have something pre-made you’re more likely to clean your piercings. On top of this, it also leaves no chance for wrong sea salt:water quantities or any impurities to disrupt your […]

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How To Unscrew Tight Balls On A Helix/Cartilage Piercing

Piercing Tutorial

After the huge success of my How To Unscrew Tight Balls On A Piercing Bar At Home video series, I decided to make a better version. While this version focuses on cartilage/helix piercings, it will work for any piercing with threaded jewellery. I used demonstrated unscrewing my cartilage piercing purely because it’s the one I’m asked […]

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