No Pull Piercing Discs

How It Works

No Pull Piercing Discs were originally invented to provide a soft cushion between a new piercing and its jewellery, however these days you're more likely to see it used to treat a dreaded piercing bump!

It's a simple idea in theory, but the discs work wonders. The gentle yet constant compression of medical-grade silicone against hypertrophic scarring helps to reduce the size of the bump. While most users need to wear the disc for 2-4 weeks to see their bump disappear completely, many see a difference within days.

If you've got the dreaded piercing bump you don't have to abandon your piercing. Give No Pull Piercing Discs a go now!

** We recommend you swap to a bar if you are wearing a ring in your piercing to ensure the disc has direct contact with the bump **

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